Monday, October 12, 2009

Print is a Craft. Print is a Science.

Printing is traditionally thought of as a craft-based industry. However, with print manufacturing becoming increasingly digital and automated, and processes more scientific and objective, it can be hard to see any room for craftsmanship remaining in the process.
Consider that print production actually begins in the mind of the creative designer. From the printer’s point of view, the process of translating those ideas and expectations effectively into ink-on-paper value begins at the earliest stages of the sales cycle – the project brief or request for quote.
The printer’s craft is critical in the relationship between sales, planner, and customer. It is the craft of forging effective communication, the conversion of concept into specifications, the weighing of options, and the art of negotiation.
And because no press design nor press environment is perfect, the printer’s craft is still critical in enabling the press operator to maintain the customer’s presswork intent and expectations as they are translated into ink on paper – despite all the variables that can impact presswork integrity.

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