Friday, November 6, 2009

Print buyers, dollars, and sense

Print buyers often say their purchase decision is based solely on price – even when they know it’s not true. Unfortunately, print salespeople, brainwashed by hearing this over and over again, tend to believe the buyer. Buyers know the strategy works – so they use it. Counter this argument with a total value approach.

Print consists of product and service. Analyze the customer’s success factors for the project in product and service terms. Look beyond what the customer says is important to include criteria from similar projects as well as the customer’s history. Look beyond the cost of your part of the project and look at what you could do to reduce the buyer’s overall project cost. Your print quote should reflect the customer’s unique needs and objectify the value you bring to the table by putting a dollar value on the benefits the customer will receive by dealing with you.

When you get the job, make sure that the reasons for getting the job are communicated to everyone in the production process so that they can help validate, through their work, the buyer's decision to award their business to your shop.

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