Thursday, June 3, 2010

Toilet training - for the printer

When I worked at the graphics vendor Creo, one salesperson's test of a printshop's character was not its presswork or company motto but the state of its...toilets. It was the first part of the shop he would investigate.His feeling was that printshops would start up at some time in the past with the best of intentions - everything spic and span, neat and tidy.However, over time, familiarity, complacency, and laziness would invariably set in.And no matter what high minded ideas management had for the company, the lowliest facility - the toilet - would reveal the true character of the shop. Toilets provided witness to the reality of the shop's true culture.The company's toilets, after, were the one area shared by top management and lowest level employee - so blame could not be transferred.So, it is critical that the company's toilet facilities be considered just as much of an ambassador of the company as any other part of the printshop's facilities.The toilet facilities indeed reflect the company's attitude and vision for its business.

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