Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The graphic arts vendor tour

Usually we try to find a graphic arts vendor at a certain location - but sometimes the vendor is the location. So pack your luggage, make sure your camera is loaded with pixels and take a trip to these vendor brand tourist traps.

Dip your toes in pristine placid Agfa Lake located in the State of New York. It's a popular weekend destination since Agfa Lake is a just a short three hour drive from Kodak's headquarters in Rochester NY. Although Agfa Lake bears a similarity to one of the Great Lakes it is not quite on the same scale.
Adobe Arizona is sometimes confused with the much smaller rival town of Double Adobe which is also in Arizona. Adobe has a certain sameness to it that is shared by many Arizona towns. Interestingly there are no working bridges in Adobe.
Canon is a city in Franklin County, Georgia, United States. For some reason there's a great deal of statistical information on the internet about Canon (the city). Population is about 755, and there are 315 households, 221 families, and 361 housing units. The racial makeup of the city was 94.97% White, 2.52% African American, 0.13% Native American, 0.26% Asian, 0.66% from other races, and 1.46% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 1.19% of the population. And on and on and on.
Although it's a small city, it hosts a lot of newspapers including the American Union, The Free Press and the Universalist Herald, the Franklin County Register, and the Canon Echo. So, despite there being a great deal of Canon printing the name may not always be top of mind when one thinks of print.

Esko is an unincorporated community in Carlton County, Minnesota, United States. Most of the residents are descendants of Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish immigrants who settled the area during the early 20th Century.
In the year 2000, the population of Esko was approximately 4100. For some undocumented reason the population has been steadily increasing over the last several years. Although once Esko gets incorporated that growth may not continue.
Fuji is located on the banks of the Fuji River and enjoys a warm maritime climate with hot, humid summers and mild, cool winters. The city has been home to numerous paper factories including Nippon Paper Industries (former Daishowa Paper Industries) and Oji Paper Company since the Meiji period. It is also known for producing a few well known soccer players.
Heidelberg probably has the largest geographical tourism footprint of all considering there's a Heidelberg Germany:
A Heidelberg, Mississippi:
A Heidelberg, Pennsylvania:
And even a Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia.You might say that if Heidelberg is on your itinerary, you've got a complete tourist experience with one destination.

Kodak is actually a very tiny community in Tennessee. There's a street intersection where two different roads cross each other:And a "Trade Center"And that's about all that's left.

Screen, in Ireland, is popular with tourists, but it often appears on maps under a different name - which can make travel a bit confusing. Some maps don't list it at all and even satellite images of Screen try to blur the location.
Xerox is a community in Florida that can be a bit hard to find since most communities in Florida are just duplicates of each other while internet travel sites try to point searches to Xerox offices instead.

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  1. Interestingly, there are not one but two Heidelbergs in South Africa.