Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Printer's Lullaby

Dwane Hollands, owner of Hollands Print Solutions ( is a sometimes music composer.So, I challenged him with the idea of creating a piece of music using the sound of a printing press to create the underlying musical theme. He chose the rhythm of a Heidelberg press (hear that sound by clicking HERE).

Dwane names his composition "Printer's Lullaby" (although I think it's more of a lament). He describes it in these words: "After a hard days work, those machines need to have a good rest at night. Excited from the day and all the adventures they've been through, they take a while to settle in. After they've drunk their warm milk and cookies and brushed their teeth, it's time for the Printer's Lullaby to get them snuggly off to sleep. Night, Night..."

Click on play arrow to view Dwane's 2 minute composition that I've enhanced with some of my photos taken at a few of the printshops that I've visited over the years.

You can listen to more of Dwane's compositions by clicking HERE

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