Friday, May 21, 2010

The Pantone Hotel - a bold new color space

Pantone, the international brand best known for its spot color palettes, has opened a hotel located in the heart of Brussels just a 5-minute walk from the fashionable Avenue Louise and Metro Louise.
Designed by Belgian interior designer Michel Penneman and Belgian architect Olivier Hannaert, the Pantone Hotel is a boutique property housing 59 austere guest rooms which are described as "works of art" by Pantone.Each of the hotel’s seven floors are schemed with different color palettes to complement guests’ emotions with distinctive hues – from "earth, rich" to "cheerful, warm," "captivating, esteemed, silky" or "fresh, eager.The cost of a night's stay is about the same as the cost for one of the company's color swatchbook guides.

The hotel also offers the Pantone Lounge, which offers cocktails suited to guests' moods, such as Pink Champagne PANTONE 12-1107, Lemon Drop PANTONE 12-0736 or Daiquiri Green PANTONE 12-0435.
PANTONE Color consultants are also available by appointment for informal color consultations or to present educational seminars on color psychology and trends.

The Pantone hotel follows the company's move into other branded merchandise such as mugs and clothing and includes amenities from the collection and the largest selection of Pantone products worldwide.
More information about the Pantone hotel can be found HERE.

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