Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Wayback View – 1924 - The first color photograph transmitted by wire

The first color photograph transmitted by wire was of the famed actor Rudolf Valentino.
Valentino starring in the motion picture of "Monsieur Beaucaire"

The original separations were sent from Chicago to New York in 1924 by Dr. Herbert E. Ives of the Bell Telephone Laboratories. The separations were made by Max Hofsetter of Powers Photo Engraving of New York. Powers made a three color reproduction using the lines created by the transmission process to create the halftone screening.
Close up of eye area showing the halftone screening of the three-color reproduction.

Rotating each of the three separations as it was mounted on the transmitter enabled the colors to be screened by the transmission process at the appropriate angle relative to one another.
Dr. Ives and the transmitter that was used to send the first color picture in 1924.

To watch a video showing how photographs used to be sent by wire, clink on the link HERE

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