Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quality printing defined

Pronunciation: kwä-li-tE
1: a distinguishing attribute
2: an inherent feature
3: a peculiar and essential character
• Merriam-Webster DictionaryAsk a room full of printers whether they would define themselves as "quality" printers and, after a moment of confusion, they would as a rule agree that indeed, yes, they would define themselves as “quality” printers. However, ask them to describe in concrete terms what that means and they typically respond with a blank stare. Well, dictionaries define “quality” as a “distinguishing attribute” or “inherent feature.” So, one might say that a quality printer is simply one that has the attribute of being distinct. Or putting it another way, given that quality is concerned with meeting customer expectations, quality printers distinguish themselves by meeting customer – rather than supplier (i.e. printer) – expectations.

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