Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The creative design/production process

The creative design/production process step-by-step:

• Receive the design brief
• Create rough concepts
• Get signed approval to proceed
• Schedule and attend the photo shoot
• Review images and layout with client and various stakeholders
• Select the images and contract any photo retouching
• Check proofs to confirm correctness of retouching
• Create the finished layout
• Preflight the job
• Proof the job – get approvals
• Make revisions as required
• Proof the job and get sign-off
• Go to press
• Go to bindery
• Complete mail drops/distribution• Oooops! notice the leftover layer section clipping path effect
• Hit the bar
• Edit portfolio
• Update résumé
• Pick up a copy of the Atlanta Social Season magazine• Arrgggghh!!!!

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