Sunday, May 31, 2009

How to reveal DSLR dust bunnies

This is a tip you may want to pass on to your customers to help them provide better originals for you to work with.

Many of the original images for print are now created with digital cameras rather than scans of transparencies. Unfortunately, pro DSLR cameras with their interchangeable lenses are susceptible to "dust bunnies" - particles of dust that settle on the glass plate in front of the sensor and show up as shadows in the final digital image. Often, these shadows are not noticed until the press is running. In this sample, a promotional still shot from the upcoming "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" movie, several dust bunnies have made their way into the image. Here is the original:
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To reveal the dust bunnies using PhotoShop, create a duplicate layer of the image then go to the "Menu", select "Image"/"Adjustments" and the "Equalize" option.
This exaggerates the visibility of the dust bunnies. Making them more visible makes it easier to clone 'em out of the original image. Click on the image below to see the dust bunnies (where the arrows are pointing) more clearly.The original image was downloaded from HERE

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