Sunday, July 19, 2009

Print in the internet age – a customer's perspective raises some questions

It's a story we've likely all heard before, however, Paul Roy, Manager of Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Associated Brokers in Washington, is particularly clear with his thoughts, as a print buyer speaking to his customers the advertisers on the shift of real estate advertising, from print (newspapers and magazines) media spend to the internet. As such this five minute video may provide some insight to help you in reviewing the clients you are currently serving with presswork that potentially may also move to the web.

Please press the play arrow to view the video. Note that it may stop for a moment while the video buffers in the background.

What percentage of your current customer base are likely to move away from your print offerings to the web in the next six to twelve months? Can you counter with reasons that resonate with your customers as to why they should remain with print - if not for 100% perhaps for some percentage of their media spend? Are there ways that Paul has overlooked where print can bring greater communications value than the web? Is the current vendor push of personalized digital print really an effective counter to the web? What marketing communications are likely not appropriate for the web and as such worth developing as a niche area of expertise.

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