Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Quality printing versus production efficiency

Quality, in terms of meeting customer expectations, and production efficiency are often seen as incompatible. It is either/or, you can’t have both. However, the fact is that quality is achieved by improvement of the process. Improvement of the process increases the uniformity of production, reduces mistakes, increases production effectiveness, and reduces waste of effort, time, and materials. Reduction of waste and inefficiencies, in turn, transfers work and machine hours from the manufacture of defective materials – with their associated reworks – into the manufacture of additional good products. In effect, production capacity is increased. The benefits of better quality through improvement of the print manufacturing process are therefore not just better quality, and the long-range improvement of competitive market position that goes along with it, but greater productivity and better profitability as well. Enhanced employee morale is another gain as increased pride in their work and a greater sense of security result from seeing their efforts improve the success and competitive position of the company.

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