Sunday, April 25, 2010

Printer in Kentucky is closest to Quality

It's true, Printer in Kentucky is closest to Quality.

The community of Printer Kentucky.

The community of Quality Kentucky.

According to Google Maps, Printer and Quality are only 5 hours and 19 minutes apart.
Compare that to the distance from Printer in Kentucky to the lack of substance in Quality California:
Quality California.

Quality in California is a whopping 37 hours away from Printer.

Now some people argue that Luck is involved with Quality:
Luck Wisconsin.

Well according to Google maps, Luck and Quality are 14 hours and 30 minutes apart:
That's quite a separation so it's doubtful that Luck is involved with Quality. But there's even a greater separation between Luck and Printer - a 16 to 17 hour separation in fact. So Luck and Printer probably don't go together at all.
I know that this relationship between Printer, Quality, and Luck may be strange. However, the facts can be verified by anyone by going to or

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