Sunday, April 18, 2010

Presenting Season Two....

Each week, famed chef and Michelin Star winner Chef Gordon Ramsay steps out of his own five-star establishments and into some of the country's most interesting restaurants to help them turn their businesses around, or close their doors forever, in the hit TV show Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares.

Whoa, that's one of the things that I did during my tenure at Creo/Kodak. Not with restaurants though, but with printshops. So step aside Chef Gordon Ramsay - this is where the blanket really hits the plate as revealed in a few more of the conversations I had with printers during those years. (Season One is HERE)

Chef Gordo: "I can't believe it! The file was RAW!"

Chef Gordo to printshop owner: So how do you manage your quality? Who sets the standard?
Printshop owner: That's easy, Frank - the lead press operator on the CD 102.
Chef Gordo: One of your press operators is responsible for your whole shop's quality standard?
Printshop owner: Yeah, sure, Frank's got "the eye" for quality.
Chef Gordo: Bloody hell!

Chef Gordo to printshop owner: So why would a print buyer favor your print shop rather than the one down the street?
Printshop owner: Because we're a quality printer.
Chef Gordo: But that's what your competition says about their shop.
Printshop owner: Well, yes maybe, but we're the quality printer.
Chef Gordo: Bloody hell!

Chef Gordo: "You must be joking!"

Chef Gordo to prepress and pressroom: Your presswork and proofing don't seem to be in alignment. Who set you up?
Prepress and pressroom: I think our vendor did when we first got their equipment.
Chef Gordo to prepress and pressroom: So how was it set up? Who's in charge of maintaining it?
Prepress and pressroom: Let's see. We're not sure. It was working before. But we've changed inks, blankets, and fount solution since then. Is that important?
Chef Gordo: Bloody hell!

Chef Gordo: What's that smell?
Printshop owner: Oh, ah, that might be Mongo.
Chef Gordo: Mongo?
Printshop owner: Yeah, he does all our deliveries.
Chef Gordo: I see, so Mongo delivers your presswork to your customers smelling like an abattoir?
Printshop owner: Well, he's cheap. I mean he's cost effective.
Chef Gordo: Bloody hell!

Chef Gordo - Bloody hell! See you next time!

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