Sunday, December 11, 2016

Futureworld Goss newspaper press

The opening scene of Futureworld 1976 - the sequel to Westworld - has a wonderful walk by of a Goss (Metroliner?) newspaper press.

More printing in the movies can be seen HERE

Instructions for making your own pressman's hat can be found HERE

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Dead at 141 years of age

After a valiant battle with Internet News the Nanaimo Daily News, a resident of this city for 141 years, has, as some feared it would, sadly passed away. The Nanaimo Daily News was pre-deseased by its younger brother - The Oceanside Star, resident of Parksville, B.C., and sister - The Courier-Islander, resident of Campbell River, B.C.

The Nanaimo Daily News was a well respected and active member of this Island community of nearly 150,000. It will be especially missed by its advertisers, existing and recent subscribers, and by those few who picked up their copy at newspaper stands.

There will be no funeral service and so, in lieu of flowers, please visit the Nanaimo Daily News memorial page by clicking HERE or make a donation to your local community newspaper by purchasing a copy (while you still can).

"No news is sad news"