Friday, February 13, 2009

Be an Alien

To discover opportunities for building strong relationships with print buyers, try looking at all your customer touch points as if you were an alien explorer. Step out of your office and imagine yourself coming from some far away city with the mission of seeking out new printshop civilizations – boldly going where no print buyer has gone before – deep into the realm of Possible New Print Supplier (PNPS).
Explore your facility from this alien perspective, starting from the shop exterior as you park your terrestrial transport vehicle. Does the PNPS environment feel hostile or welcoming? Are the inhabitants engaging or stand-offish? Are they more concerned with your welfare and concerns or theirs? Do they offer guidance so that you can thrive in their unique environment? Do they respect your customs or expect you to adapt to their ways? Do they offer any materials to help bridge any communications gap? Is the feeling you have consistent throughout the PNPS realm right from entry to the delivery bay? Is this a PNPS that you would be proud to bring your associates and superiors to? Finally, is this PNPS one that would be worthwhile returning to and spending your resources with in order to establish trade relations?

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