Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Wayback View – When I grow up I want to be a printer

I wonder how many of today's print shop owners began their careers as the result of presents discovered under the Christmas Tree or given as a reward for achieving yet another birthday.

Yes it's true...Popeye was not just a sailor but a printer as well!

Each kit came with rubber stamps and an ink pad.

The rubber stamps could be used to print in the appropriate cartoon image in the Popeye strip.

Even Pinocchio got into the printer's game.
A Colorforms toy from 1962.

If you were a very lucky boy - the ghost of Benjamin Franklin would be there in spirit as you printed out scores of cards and tickets.
Ben Franklin printer no. 24x, manufactured by Fulton Specialty Co., Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA.

As a printer you could expect the loving gaze of scores of womenfolk admiring your prowess on the press.

But as a printer
Even though you had all the pieces
Every job was a challenge of filling out the blanks.

Ahhh...the promise of fortunes made in printing:

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  1. THE FULTON PRICE AND SIGN MARKER # 3913. Do you know of this andwhat year used?