Thursday, June 4, 2015

Artisan Books - Melding leading edge digital printing with traditional craftsmanship

Artisan Books is a unique melding of leading edge digital book printing with traditional book creation craftsmanship that delivers premium limited edition books for creative professionals, artisans and individuals.

The new digital printing technologies have finally made individual as well as limited edition book printing affordable, accessible, and able to meet the highest standards for fidelity in image reproduction and permanence.

Artisan Books extends that capability by completing the book, by hand, using the craft techniques of traditional book publishers.

As a result, Artisan Books works with some of the most creative and demanding design consultancies and individuals in the world. Their books are available in three popular sizes, digitally printed on Mohawk archival paper, then case bound, hand sewn and protected within an an attractive box. The books may optionally be embellished with bespoke book cloths and papers, embossing, or foil blocking. Pages of a specialist nature or papers such as metallics, hand made sheets, pressed flowers or foils may also be included.

Artisan books can be built from their design templates or, more popularly, by the client - making their book presentations unique works of art.

More information on this unique service is available by clicking HERE.

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